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OK Autrod 19.20

Описание A continuous, solid, copper wire for the GMA joining of copper-tin bronzes. OK Autrod 19.20 is alloyed with tin and has good flow properties. The alloy is widely used for joining copper-zinc alloys to steel, as well as for the repair welding of cast bronzes. Pulsed GMA is recommended. OK Autrod 19.20 is normally welded with pure Ar as the shielding gas. Ток: постоянный (+)
Химсостав, %
Cu P Sn Zn Fe
>92,0 0,3 6,3 <0,1 <0,1
Механические свойства
при t,°C KCU,Дж/см² δ,% σв,МПа AWS EN σт,МПа
- - 20 300   S Cu 5180 (CuSn6P) 150

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